Whether you are looking for a short sea solution, or have a requirement to move your cargo further afield, whether it’s a voyage or time-chartered, our experienced brokers have unrivalled access to a host of the most reputable vessel owners throughout the region. Our team are highly experienced and responsible for arranging a variety of different charters for below mentioned:

General Cargo

general cargo means cargo that can be transported in general, non-specified storage areas or standard shipping containers, such as barrels, boxes, bundles, packages and pallets; BWM efficiently classifies general cargos.

Dry Bulk Cargo

commonly known as large, unpacked and loose quantities. Dry bulk cargoes are typically dropped or poured in to the vessel hold by for instance a grab. Typical types of dry bulk cargoes include grains, minerals, steel and pellets. After each voyage, the cargo holds are thoroughly cleaned and prepared for the next cargo type. BWM offers specialized knowledge and assistance in relation the safe handling of commodities carried.

Break Bulk Cargo

Usually packaged goods that are not containerized, considered as break bulk cargos. It is typically transported in bags, boxes, crates, drums, or barrels. To break bulk is to unload and distribute a portion or all of the contents. BWM is specialized in niche services, offering tailormade cargo handling solutions ready to cater to your transportation needs, and we have the experience and know-how to transport a variety of special cargoes.


BWM is benefiting from a core of highly experienced brokers, ocean shipbrokers, maintaining close relationships with the major companies, traders and shipowners, while always striving to develop new alliances. Each of our professionals are widely experienced in bulk carriers sector and serve our customers of diverse domains diligently and provide 24X7 timely and reliable services.
Experts of their domain, our professionals work in close coordination with customers. Consequently, we have earned widespread appreciations in all the scopes of chartering. We have a sound hold on vessels of all sizes ranging from Handy to Supra max segments as well as Panamax/Cape segments.

Fixture negotiations

We represent our clients as though it is our ship or cargo we are looking after. Our office has a track record of close to 2000 successful fixtures since 2003 and has negotiated thousands more. This experience, along with our valuable network, enables us to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

Operational support

Our philosophy is to stay on top of the situation at all times which is why we also take charge of operational support.

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